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Key Institutional Initiatives

CWC members participate in a number of international organisations that work on issues of interest to the responsible investment of workers’ capital. Key examples include the following:

United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment
The UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) is a leading global network for investors to publicly demonstrate their commitment to responsible investment, to collaborate and learn with their peers about the financial and investment implications of ESG issues, and to incorporate these factors into their investment decision making and ownership practices. The CWC is a Network Supporter of the PRI.



The International Corporate Governance Network
The International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN) is an institutional investor-led forum consisting of pension funds, investment managers and other financial markets institutions with a mission to raise standards of corporate governance worldwide.

The EURESA Institute
The Euresa Institute is part of a larger umbrella body for European mutual and cooperative companies operating in the social economy. The institute fosters collaboration among its members and is an instrument for research and training. It also hosts the EURESACTIV Network, an excellent on-line platform for active shareholding, in which quite a few CWC members participate. This network aims to provide institutional investors with practical support in the exercise of their rights and actively promotes good governance and corporate social responsibility at the global level. Additional information on the platform can be found in EURESACTIV's new brochure (available at the following links in English and French).

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