CWC October 2019 Newsletter

CWC October 2019 Newsletter

In our October newsletter: CWC Conference recap, Responsible Investor article on the CWC, report-back from the PRI in Person, CWC Asset Manager Accountability Initiative, XPO on notice, news from national participants and more.

The 2019 CWC Conference:

  • CWC Conference Recap: Putting asset owners in the driver’s seat
  • Responsible Investor ( article on the CWC Conference:Unions are stepping up the naming and shaming of fund managers on workers’ rights
  • Sharan Burrow: ESG - S and the E key
  • Report-back from the PRI in Person: Xander den Uyl

Other news:

  • CWC UBS Asset Manager Report Card
  • XPO Logistics on notice for breaching French Corporate Duty Vigilance Law
  • CWC Working Group on Amazon
  • Asset Manager Accountability

Country updates:

  • Australia: CWC at the Australia Super Trustees Forum
  • Germany: International Investors Disregard Worker Board-Level Representation
  • The Netherlands: New reports on pension fund ESG performance & labour rights in global value chains

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