Regulatory Engagement

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Regulatory Engagement

The degree to which workers have a voice in the investment of their retirement funds is heavily influenced by national and international regulations, norms and policies. These governance arrangements shape how workers’ capital is invested and the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices of the companies in which workers’ capital is invested.

The regulatory and policy climate surrounding responsible investment is rapidly evolving. The CWC works to inform participants of key regulatory and policy developments relevant to the stewardship of workers’ capital. This includes information on the regulation of corporate governance, social responsibility, disclosure and reporting. We also work on issues related to investment policy, pension fund governance, asset management accountability, securities commissions, and frameworks guiding green and responsible investment.

In addition to sharing information, we produce analyses, respond to requests for submissions, coordinate collaborative responses, and inform interventions in key policy and regulatory areas related to intergovernmental organisations and institutions. We facilitate knowledge-sharing and collaborative work among our network participants in multiple areas.

To access the database of trade union cases submitted under OECD Guidelines (TUAC) click here.

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