Resources on, Inc.

Resources on, Inc.

Amid Inc.’s rapid growth, worrying patterns with respect to employee health and safety, infringement of international labour standards, and aversion to collective bargaining have emerged.

The Committee on Workers’ Capital has provided trustees with resources to guide the stewardship of workers’ capital invested in Amazon.

The CWC Statement for Investors on the Union Election at Amazon’s Facility in Bessemer, Alabama (April 2021) describes how Amazon’s anti-union campaign interfered with its workers’ internationally recognized rights to freedom of association and how investors can engage with the company over its practices.

Amazon In-Depth: Work, Rights and Risks at, Inc. (June 2020) is a comprehensive overview of workforce risks at the company. It provides investors with a path to address these risks by encouraging improvements in Amazon’s workforce management practices.

Investor Brief:, Inc. and the COVID-19 Pandemic (April 2020) summarizes workforce risks at Amazon in Europe and the United States. It includes a set of policies and practices, developed in consultation with occupational and public health experts, that assist companies in protecting their workers, customers and the communities they serve.

La Note à l’intention des investisseurs : Inc. et la pandémie de COVID-19 est également disponible en français.

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