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Please join IndustriALL Global Union and ShareAction for a virtual “pre-AGM” ahead of Glencore’s annual general meeting. The pre-AGM will give investors a chance to hear from, and speak to, several stakeholders affected by the company’s operations in the global south. Speakers will include: Sintracarbón (Colombia), Federación Minera (Peru), National Union of Mineworkers (South Africa); La Red de Mujeres del Municipio del Paso (Colombia), the Yukpa community (Colombia), CNV Internationaal (Netherlands) and Ethos Foundation (Switzerland).

We will have a lively and provocative discussion highlighting Glencore’s social and environmental impacts, as well as the gap between the company’s words and promises and the lived reality of those who work for, or live near, Glencore’s operations. We believe this gap constitutes a key risk for investors.

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