The CWC’s work is led by a Leadership Team composed of a Chair and Co-Chairs.

Christoffer Jonsson

CWC Chair

Christoffer Jonsson is the CEO of Folksam LO Pension, a pension insurance company (Swe. tjänstepensionsbolag) which manages occupational pension with more than 500,000 individual pension schemes with assets under management amounting to 18 billion USD. He was previously the President and CEO of Bantorget Förvaltning, which is owned by the Swedish Trade Union Confederation (Swe. LO).

Paddy Crumlin

CWC Vice-Chair

Paddy Crumlin has been the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) national secretary since 2000,asda Dockers section chair, ITF Dockers’ Section Committee chair and International Transport Workers’ Federation President since 2010. Paddy is an Executive Member of International Transport Workers Federation, Delegate of International Labour Organisation and Trustee of ITF Seafarers’ Welfare Trust.

Paddy has wide involvement in the port authority, towage, shipping, hydrocarbon, diving, cruise ship and stevedoring industries in Australia and internationally.  He took up a position as Vice-Chair of the Committee on Workers Capital (CWC) in 2015.

In addition to his global work with the ITF, Paddy has also represented international seafarers at the International Labour Organisation on maritime conventions for over 15 years in a senior capacity. In that period, Paddy played a central role in bringing about the introduction, and ratification in 2006, of the Maritime Labour Convention, which is widely known as the “seafarers’ bill of rights” because it establishes minimum working and living standards for all seafarers on ships across the globe. He played a key role in establishing the International Bargaining Forum (IBF), which brings together every two years the ITF and the international maritime employers that make up the Joint Negotiating Group (JNG), with the end result being a framework agreement that ITF-affiliated unions advance in local negotiations with companies in their own country.

Owen Tudor

Deputy General Secretary, ITUC

Owen Tudor was elected as Deputy General Secretary of the ITUC in December 2018 and re-elected at its Fifth World Congress in Melbourne, Australia, November 2022.

Owen was recruited into the union movement in 1984 off a picket line and worked for the TUC UK, on youth, training, disability and social insurance issues before moving onto health and safety, disability and industrial injury compensation.

He founded the TUC’s weekly bulletin Risks, aimed at safety representatives, and acted for the TUC on the tripartite Industrial Injuries Advisory Council and Health and Safety Commission. He was also a founder member of the Social Security Advisory Committee and the Civil Justice Council, and sat on the board of the European Agency for Safety and Health, and on the EU Advisory Committee on Safety and Health.

In 2004 he became head of the European Union and International Relations Department at the TUC UK, covering international solidarity, trade and migration policy, labour standards, global supply chains and Brexit.

In addition, Owen has been a Director of the Ethical Trading Initiative, a Director of the Occupational and Environmental Diseases Association, and has held Trustee positions at the British Occupational Health Research Foundation, the Royal National Institute for Deaf people (RNID), and the Ethics Committee of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine.

He is a member of the UK Executive Committee of the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative, the Advisory Council of the Foreign Policy Centre and the Politics without Borders Advisory Board.

Liz Shuler

CWC Vice-Chair

Elizabeth H. Shuler is president of the AFL-CIO, a federation of 60 unions, 12.5 million working people across all sectors of the U.S. economy. She is the first woman to hold the office of president in the history of the labor federation. A visionary leader and longtime trade unionist, Shuler believes the labor movement is a powerful vehicle for progress and that unions are a central force in leading lasting societal transformations. Her leadership has focused on the future of work, clean energy economy, workforce development, and empowering women and young workers. She is committed to leveraging the labor movement’s diversity and power to advance social and economic justice, and to making the benefits of a union voice on the job available to working people everywhere.

CWC Secretariat

The CWC Secretariat supports the leadership team in carrying out CWC activities.

Hugues Letourneau

Associate Director

Hugues joined the SHARE team in 2013. He leads the Secretariat of the Global Unions’ Committee on Workers’ Capital. He has co-developed the CWC Asset Manager Accountability Initiative, which convenes asset owners from around the world to engage with global asset managers on investment stewardship practices. He holds a Master of International Affairs from the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto. He has successfully completed the level II exam of the CFA program and is a Fundamentals of Sustainability Accounting Credential holder. 

Shalini Ramgoolam

Senior Program Officer

Shalini joined the CWC in June 2020 and currently holds the position of Senior Program Officer in support of the CWC secretariat. Prior to joining the CWC, Shalini held various positions within the Government of Canada on international trade and human rights issues. She has supported stakeholder engagement and policy development for Global Affairs Canada, Public Safety and the Privy Council Office of Canada. Shalini holds a Master’s degree in Public Policy from the University of Toronto and a Bachelor of Social Sciences from the University of Ottawa with a specialization in Conflict Studies and Human Rights.

Zaee Deshpande

Program Officer

Zaee joined SHARE in November 2021 and holds the role of Program Officer with the Global Unions’ Committee on Workers’ Capital (CWC). Before joining SHARE, she worked at Lancaster House, supporting their conferences on labour, human rights, and employment law.

Zaee holds a Master’s degree in Political Economy from Carleton University and a Bachelor in Political Science from the University of Waterloo. She has also completed the Labour Relations Certificate from Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU).