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Pearson Shareholders Resolution

Pearson PLC (LON:PSON): Vote for a resolution for the Board of Directors of Pearson PLC to immediately conduct a thorough business strategy review of Pearson PLC including education commercialisation and its support of high stakes testing and low-fee private schools and to report to shareholders within six months

We believe that Pearson PLC (“Pearson” or the “Company”) is suffering a crisis of confidence precipitated by a confused business strategy. The evidence is presented by our reaction to the share price, which at the last Annual General Membership Meeting (AGM) held on 24 April 2015, was trading at approximately $20.68. On 15 December 2015, stock sold for roughly $10.70. This represents a drop in price of over 40% in only seven months. This significant drop in share price calls into question the board’s efforts to address the lack of confidence in the Company. “We believe that the current strategic business plan has failed to produce the profits or the potential for profits that investors need. Therefore, it is time that Pearson conducts a business strategy review.

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