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Proxy Alert: Alphabet Inc.

Please consider a vote in support of Resolution 11 at Alphabet Inc. (parent company of Google): Stockholder proposal regarding the nomination of an employee representative director.

The Change to Win (CtW) Investment Group has filed the following resolution:
THAT shareholders of Alphabet Inc. (“Alphabet” or “the Company”) request that the Board nominate an Employee Representative Director for election to the Board by shareholders at Alphabet’s 2020 annual meeting of shareholders.

The Employee Representative Director shall be a current non-executive Alphabet employee who consents to serve on the Board. Current employees shall be given the opportunity to suggest persons to serve as the Employee Representative Director to the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee, which will recommend a candidate for nomination by the full Board. If the Employee Representative Director ceases to be a non-executive employee of Alphabet during his or her term, the Board should appoint a replacement who satisfies the criteria set forth above.

Read resolution and supporting statement here (SEC filing).

Click here to view the proxy alert.

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