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Proxy Alerts,

Voting for Workers at, Inc.: CWC Proxy Season Brief, Inc. AGM Date: Wednesday, May 26, 2021
This proxy season, Amazon’s investors have opportunities to press the company to improve its workforce management and oversight. This investor brief summarizes shareholder resolutions that touch on issues related to workers’ rights at Amazon – from corporate governance-focused resolutions that target board oversight of risk to others that ask for enhanced disclosure on workforce issues.

The CWC Secretariat encourages investors to VOTE FOR the following resolutions:

ITEM 5—Shareholder Proposal Requesting a Mandatory Independent Board Chair Policy
ITEM 6—Shareholder Proposal Requesting Additional Reporting on Gender/Racial Pay
ITEM 7—Shareholder Proposal Requesting a Report on Promotion Data
ITEM 9—Shareholder Proposal Requesting a Diversity and Equity Audit Report
ITEM 10—Shareholder Proposal Requesting an Alternative Director Candidate Policy
ITEM 11—Shareholder Proposal Requesting a Report on Competition Strategy and Risk
ITEM 13 – Shareholder Proposal Requesting Additional Reporting on Lobbying

Click here to read the Amazon Proxy Statement, which includes all resolutions.