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With unionization efforts at US companies continuing into 2024, workplace rights have become an increasingly important topic of investor engagement across industries. Investors expect portfolio companies to establish and disclose effective policies to respect fundamental labour rights. Recently, airline industry leaders, including Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, American Airlines and JetBlue, have taken steps to strengthen their policies and practices in this regard. In contrast to its peers’ proactive approach to labor rights, SkyWest Inc. is alleged to have retaliated against employees seeking union representation, and to have formed an illegal company union. Amalgamated Bank has responded by filing a shareholder resolution that calls on the company to adopt a non-interference policy upholding its employees’ rights to freedom of association and collective bargaining. This event, hosted by SOC Investment Group, will focus on SkyWest Inc.’s anti-union practices and the investor risk that results from a lack of clear labour rights policies. Panelists will explore the importance of non-interference by employers when employees are considering representation by a union and the specific legal and policy issues that are at play in SkyWest Inc.’s alleged company union. Participants will also hear from investors about their expectations of SkyWest Inc. Speakers will include:
  • Meredith Benton, Moderator
  • Lyndsay Fritz, Proponent, First Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility Officer, Amalgamated Bank
  • SkyWest Flight Attendants
  • A Labor Law Expert


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