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Investor Brief:, Inc. and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Amazon’s explosive growth has accelerated as a result of COVID-19 public health restrictions, creating new stress on the company’s operations. The company faces challenges in keeping its workforce, its customers, and the communities it serves safe – challenges that are amplified under increased public and investor scrutiny. How Amazon responds to the public health crisis will have a lasting impact on Amazon’s corporate reputation and its relationship with its workforce.

This investor brief summarizes workforce risks at Amazon in Europe and the United States. It includes a set of policies and practices, developed in consultation with occupational and public health experts, that assist companies in protecting their workers, customers and the communities they serve. These policies and practices are widely applicable and available as a separate document here.

To read the Amazon investor brief, click here.

To read Workforce Best Practices for COVID-19, click here

Please note that the documents were revised on May 4, 2020.

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